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martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

Anonymous declara la guerra a España


Anonymous Operation Spain - Press Release

Tuesday - September 25, 2012  5:30 PM ET USA

Greetings World --

Anonymous sends it's solidarity to our brothers and sisters in Spain who at this very moment have completely surrounded the Parliament Building in Madrid. The are calling for the resignation of a government that like so many in our world today has failed to serve the needs of it's people. We encourage our comrades in Spain to remain steadfast until their demands are met, and we promise to do all we can to assist them.

Anonymous watched on the independent livestreams the horrendous brutality on the part of the Spanish National Police. It is always intolerable to us, but it is especially deplorable when we witness this level of senseless violence used against peaceful protesters in a supposedly western and modern "democracy". In response to this wanton violence by the Spanish National Police against our brothers and sisters in Madrid, Anonymous has removed from the Internet the web site of the Spanish National Police located at - and we will keep it offline so long as we continue to watch scenes of brutality.

Beginning tomorrow, Anonymous will also begin an attack on the primary website of the Parliament of Spain located at - this attack will include not only DdoS and hacking, but also Black Fax & E-Mail bombs - effectively removing the Parliament of Spain from the Internet entirely.

We Are Anonymous
We Are Everywhere
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
Government of Spain, it's to late to Expect Us.

SIGNED  --  Anonymous

Anonymous Global -
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1 comentarios

  1. Anonymous you are not

    You are the boyz from Langley

    Everybody knows that


:) :-) :)) =)) :( :-( :(( :d :-d @-) :p :o :>) (o) [-( :-? (p) :-s (m) 8-) :-t :-b b-( :-# =p~ :-$ (b) (f) x-) (k) (h) (c) cheer

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