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domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

#OpIsrael #Anonymous LIVE COVERAGE

For accuraccy purposes, this page will reload itself every 10 minutes. All times are in Jerusalem standard hour (GMT +3) Time and reflect time or reception/notification, not actual time of attack/action.


11:00 Al-Jadeeda news report on #OpIsrael:

11:04 Claim (unsourced, unverified) 9 year-old Hacker arrested in Indonesia for hacking Israeli Bank accounts.

10:40 Breaking the Zionist lie: Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange opens with large losses, ranging up to 3%. There is hardly any explanation other than Anonymous attack, in a day that usually grows big since many Jewish businessmen use these days to close down deals. The Stock Exchange website is knocked off offline, also.

10:28 Israel Stock Exchange has opened. Its site is only available within Israeli borders. TANGO DOWN.


09:46 Mossad website is one of the thoughest ever. Nevertheless, it pops out random errors, as a Twitter user has just pointed out, because of the attacks.

08:58 "There's more to come", an anonymous source told Russia Today

08:33 #OpIsrael: 457 Israeli Websites Defaced, databases deleted by Moroccan Hackers -


One of the defaced websites:

07:03 Hackers have leaked all data of Alon Oil Company of Israel, users, passwords and a basic d0x on executives

06:43 A GIFT FOR HACKERS: List of dozens of SQLi vulnerabilities in a number of sites -

06:40 HACKED! by 3xroot


05:50 TANGO DOWN 20 hours

05:45 & TANGO DOWN

05:30 #OpIsrael: 29 Israeli Websites Defaced by BilalSBxTRA & Dr.SaMiM_008 -

05:20 As the operation progresses and the time to open the Israeli Stock Exchange approaches, there is unclear what's going to be the next major target. After receiving news of arrests of hackers (as we said earlier), Jordan and Morocco may go next.

05:16 HACKED! by The Great Team


04:30 A compilation of databases from several Israeli portals -

03:14 Bank of Israel several credit card numbers leaked by Afghan Hackers.

02:44 & HACKED by @MR_Boter

02:26 Another 22 Israeli sites HACKED by Jay Samurai. Here is the list:

02:20 Another 9 Israeli sites hacked by BLACKHACKERZ. Here is the source:

02:10 Most of the news sources, unlike other times, quote Israeli officials but hardly members of Anonymous. That's why most media says the attack 'failed'. This article is one of the few we reproduce since it admits honestly 'amount of damage unknown' instead of the usual 'all-is-well' quote from Israeli ministries.

02:02 HACKED by #AnarchyCr3w (Warning: redirect).

01:52 Care Package for various tools. A must-have. DDoS and VPN

01:45 HACKED by #saw19 @An0nghost

01:40 List of sites TANGO DOWN by @Hacker Argentino


23:07 35 Israeli websites defaced By SiR Abdou From LiBeRTADoReS TeaM ~

23:04 Here's the Care package and the to-do's list for #OpIsrael:

23:00 HACKED! by @mac_gregor @HackerMexicano

22:58 HACKED by Palestinian end Egyptian Hackers.

22:52 HACKED by El Pigre


22:39 VIDEO: #OpIsrael [in Spanish]:

22:33 VIDEO: Israel Hacked: Anonymous assault act of protest, not terror.

22:17 According to this post, Israel has suffered 2 billion dollars in damage. Hard to tell, since today is Sunday and a Holiday in Israel. All stock markets are closed in the region.

22:14 Several pastebins containing comprehensive list of sites attacked:

22:12 More than 10,000 Israelis  published by hackers Gaza --

22:10 We have come across another site which has a comprehensive list of sites hijacked, defaced, and son on: Check it out.

22:05 Decell Technologies Ltd Hacked and Data leaked for #Opisrael v2

21:53 HACKED by Gaza Hacker Team. It has posted several details of this forum, which seems critical to Israel infrastructure. It is a ver, very large database and claims to own a lot more. Here is a copy of the data:

21:40 A group associated with UG has posted what it says is the Prime Minister's wife personal phone number.


21:27 Another 60 websites defaced by MoroccanGhosts


21:20 HACKED! by Malaysian Hacker Rainseven

21:10 @WorldNewsIsrael Twitter account hacked and all tweets deleted.

21:00 #Vasp3r  from #Muslim Cyber Shellz has defaced another 15 Israeli websites.

20:59 Anonymous Algeria has released info on 1700 Israeli credit cards. Here it is. (CAUTION: VERY LARGE FILE).

20:50 Mossad website is under heavy attack. It hasn't been TANGO DOWN yet, but it loads slowly and pops out some random errors like this:

20:45 & HACKED! by Aceh Cyber Team

20:30 AVG Israel Twitter account HACKED by LatinHackTeam

20:27 According to this Israel news website, Jordan Arrests Hackers who Attacked Israel.


20:22 HACKED! by @LulzPirate

20:20 Netanyahu's daughter purported phone number posted on the Internet (unconfirmed).

20:16 According to (which cites an Anonymous spokesperson) partial damage report: 60k sites, 40k Facebook pages, 5k Twitter accounts, 30k bank accounts, 3B in damage

20:12 Leumi International Bank Of Israel hacked, Data Leaked for #OpIsrael v2

20:08 HACKED! by @LiberoamericaMu

20:00 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ TANGO DOWN by @HackerArgentino

19:53 Lone Soldier Information Israel Army users and passwords leaked by LatinHackTeam

19:51 Hacker @ANonGh0st claims to have 4 TB of Israeli information in his or her hand.

19:50 Ministry to Israel National News: All Govt. Sites Up and Running. Of course.

19:40 Israel Stock Exchange TANGO DOWN.

19:37 TANGO DOWN by @HackerArgentino ~

15:28 The latest Israeli threats: Israel to Arrest Palestinian Activists as Response to Cyber Attacks

15:25 database deleted by #Anonymous. Effectively erased from the Internet.

15:00 An Israeli-supportive group has accused #OpIsrael and #Anonymous of 'racism' and 'antisemitism'.

14:53 Another news report on Arabian Television.

14:50 HACKED by Libero

14:30 A report from Russia Today claims 'it is impossible to know' how many sites were affected. It said about 14 million attacks are acknowledged by Israeli officials.

14:20 has been defaced in such a way that you can actually listen to The Quran verses on an Israeli website.


13:00 After a long hard night of mass.defacing & denial-of-service attacks targeted towards Israels cyber space, Moroccan hacker V!rù$ No!r starts the morning of by defacing 40 Israeli Websites

The Hacker left a message on the defaced sites saying:
"This attack is in response to the Injustice against the Palestinian people

Israel is a serious threat to Palestinian

We are outraged at the Palestine present condition and the Illegal occupation of Palestinian Land By the zionist Israelis

Occupied Palestinian land under the guise of residential settlements are being increased !

Palestinians are deprived of their basic human rights !

International Aid workers are stopped from providing any humanitarian assistance to the people !

The International community and media is not allowed to bring facts to world as due to strict restrictions !

All United for free Palestine ... Gaza will Never Defeated Israel will be Deleted."

List of Defaced Websites (via

Zone-h Mirrors :

12:02 After 1 hour of not receiving new hacking notifications, it is safe to assume that #OpIsrael is taking a break. According to our experience, attacks will resume in a few hours. We use this time to take a break. Should any info pop out in the meantime, we will surely share it.

10:02 HACKED

by @LiberoamericaMu

09:54  Israeli officials claim  'there is hardly any real damage' about #OpIsrael. What we've seen talks by itself.

09:24 TANGO DOWN by @HackerArgentino

08:30 Israeli websites targeted by hackers - via @AlJazeera Al-Jazeera itself is under attack. Haaretz newspaper said almost 19,000 Israeli Facebook accounts had been attacked by hackers affiliated with Anonymous.

08:16 Coca-Cola Israel TANGO DOWN by @hackerargentino #OpIsrael #Anonymous


08:00 20 Israeli websites HACKED! by Moroccan Hackers

07:36 HACKED by JorDan Guard & zlzal-jordan

07:35 HACKED by Indonesian Security

07:20 We have been notified of new hacks on pastehtml. Not sure if they're legit:

1,300 ISRAELI WEBSITES BY TEAM DANGER HACKERS (#OpIsrael) = = = = = = = = = =

See More:


06:52 List of all the sites hacked by @LiberoamericaMu

06:45 BREAKING: Activist reports arrest by Morocco secret services of Hacktivist Marouane Amaador linked to #OpIsrael (unconfirmed)

06:44: HACKED! by @LiberoamericaMu

06:30 HACKED! BY @huszLulz

06:19 RT News report: Israeli deputy PM's Facebook, Twitter accounts hacked, filled with pro-Palestine messages — FULL ARTICLE HERE

06:15 HACKED! by @Shadow_404 from #Sector404 (You might want to see it live, it's a really cool deface).

06:08 According to this Twitter account, 30,000 Israeli websites and about 40,000 Facebook profiles from Israel have been affected by the wave of attacks (unconfirmed).

06:00 10 websites of Israel Password and Login HACKED by #Anonymous @aceeeeeeeer @NathCr3w (that is the compiled list of the tweets we mentioned @ 05:49

05:53 Alleged Rotschild family member Twitter has been 'occupied' (unconfirmed).

05:49: Login credentials to subdomain of the Ministry of Education of Israel and several other sites have been leaked. They can be consulted with this Twitter user.

05:40 HACKED! by @LiberoamericaMu. In case you were wondering, this is the music :P

05:31 MASS DEFACE by By BilalSbXtra & Dr.SamIm_008 FULL LIST:


04:38 Israeli Ministry of Infrastructure HACKED! by Hitcher


04:31 There is a paste circulating which contains 30000 purported Visa Card details of Israeli citizens by Dr FreeDom - It can be consulted here (CAUTION: VERY LARGE FILE).

04:26: [ARABIC] Israeli government admits to be under massive cyber attack in an interview for Arabic news network:



04:20 is TANGO DOWN.

04:12: AnonOps IRC network under massive attack. It didn't allow IRC clients to connect, but now it doesn't connect via webchat intermittlently

04:09 According to reports, #OpIsrael is trending worldwide. For some reason, it does not appear in Twitter official Trending topics:

04:06 There is a paste circulating which purports to contain names of several Israeli police officers by M3GAFAB, an Albanian hacker. Not confirmed.

03:56: Several Israeli sites have been defaced by X-BLACKERZ Team.

Full list:

03:48 HACKED! by Moroccan Ghosts

03:44 Media reports about Haaretz journalists receiving possible phising emails. Not confirmed.

03:40 Israel Internet Organization TANGO DOWN

03:36: & HACKED! by MiDo KaDia

03:35 TANGO DOWN by several hours by now.

03:30 Supposed Haifa University intercepted communication regading impending cyber attacks:

03:20 subdomain HACKED! by @HackerArgentino -

03:00 Several credit card numbers of Israeli citizens by Gaza Hacker Team y  TANGO DOWN 

Gov. websites:

Other israeli websites: HACKED! by Gaza Hacker Team  &  HACKED! by Dr. X L & Torbagos

730 Israeli Facebook Accounts Hacked By Mauritania Attacker
Leak:, &
95 israeli websites hacked by Aceh Cyber Team
14 israeli websites hacked by Kosovo Gold Hackers
Secret Israel Documents of by @TeamLHT; Leak:

Other medium:

100s off sites taken for op-israel by bilalsbxtra and dr samim-008
8 .il websites #HaCked and #Defaced bY #AnonGhost; Paste:
Israeli Facebook Acounts HaCked by @An0nGhost
Part 1: (400)
Part 2: (560)
Israeli Cyber Pyrates facebook fan page hacked
Ha comenzado la operación a gran escala de Anonymous para 'borrar' a Israel del ciberespacio, que según los ´hacktivistas´, culminará el 7 de abril, el Día de la Memoria del Holocausto.

Los ´hackers´ han publicado en su cuenta de Twitter, dedicada a la operación, la lista de ocho sitios web de Israel que ya han sido atacados por los piratas informáticos vinculados con el grupo. Además, informaron que las cuentas de Facebook de 560 israelíes habían sido 'hackeadas'. 

Según anunciaron los ´hackers´ a través del sitio web de ´OpIsrael´, el objetivo principal de la operación es defender los derechos de los palestinos, las “víctimas de la opresión” de Israel, que “están amenazados en silencio, ya que Israel ha intentado apagar el servicio de teléfonos celulares e Internet” en Gaza. 

“No hay una guerra en Gaza. Solo hay la aplicación continua de la fuerza militar por parte de Israel en un intento de expulsar hasta la última persona fuera del Estado palestino, y a pesar de las leyes internacionales, hacen estos esfuerzos ilegales”, explicó el grupo. 

Asimismo, los piratas informáticos han publicado un video explicando los motivos de su ataque. "Para el Gobierno de Israel: No habéis cesado vuestras interminables violaciones de los derechos humanos. No habéis parado los asentamientos ilegales. No habéis respetado el alto el fuego. Habéis demostrado que no respetáis el derecho internacional”, se proclama en la grabación.

 "Somos Anonymous. Somos legión. Nosotros no perdonamos. No olvidamos. Gobierno de Israel, ya es demasiado tarde para ESPERARNOS”, añade. 

Cabe mencionar que, según informó ´The Jerusalem Post´, los 'hackers' israelíes respondieron a esta campaña, atacando el sitio Sin embargo, actualmente la página está a pleno rendimiento.

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